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September 23, 2012 by derinblu
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Mediterranean Corporate Yacht Charters – For a comfortable, professional meeting environment for business executives, their staff, customers, and vendors sometimes you need to think outside the norm. When you hire a private yacht charter in Turkey, a yacht charter company can take you on the water and far away from the office, the phones, the faxes and the e-mails on a Mediterranean corporate yacht charter. However if you absolutely need them, these can be provided on board as well.
In the corporate world, it simply not getting easier to attract and hold onto clients. Marketing is an integral part of a success business. However it can consume much of your business resources. Therefore it is essential to take a leap to offering an environment and convert that potential client into a real one. It can also be easier to retain an existing client as opposed to finding a new one.
The question is how to accomplish this conversion or retention in a cost effective manner? The answer, of course, includes providing excellent service to potential and existing clients; however, this may not be enough. What needs to be done is to make an appealing impact. Traditionally the solution might have been to take the client to a nice restaurant or arrange for a golfing game at a country club. As good as this may be, it is still quite a common strategy. Why not think outside the box and ask yourself how you could use your resources to make an impression on the client that is unique and lasting.
Think of a small corporate meeting on a luxurious private motor yacht charter or a traditional High class VIP Turkish gulet. Imagine sitting under the magnificent Mediterranean sun overlooking breathtaking harbors and private bays with lush green backdrops of nature and timeless history around you. This is a very soothing and calming atmosphere and one that isn’t a bad setting for a meeting. You can either stay docked or simply embark on a blue cruise and see the sights while taking care of business. A private yacht charter in Turkey is a very unique experience and one that will give you a winning edge in your business.
If you are looking for something special, then consider a luxury yacht charter in Turkey. Regardless of the type of business meeting you are thinking of hosting, a well organized business yacht event in the Mediterranean can provide you with a unique, unforgettable experience that will have your employees, customers, prospects and vendors enjoying the serene beauty, warm hospitality, excellent tropical climate and amazing cuisine of Southern Turkey.
Both private motor yacht rentals and luxury gulet cruises can provide plenty of comfortable seating to accommodate all of your staff members. Each boat can be equipped with multimedia equipment for presentations, slideshows, and speeches. There are additional cabins available to split into smaller groups and the saloons can be fitted with tables or cleared to allow for activities. Your guests can also enjoy a gourmet meal served and cleared by the yacht crew and a fully stocked bar for relaxing after your business is complete.Why not replace your conference table or drab meeting room with the exhilarating environment of Turkey’s sunshine and fresh sea air. You may agree that floating meetings may just be the remedy for the otherwise known boring business meetings in the corporate world. However a Mediterranean private yacht charter Turkey will be a lasting experience that you and your customers, your staff or your vendors will remember for a long time

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