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August 7, 2012 by ss
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The 150ft luxury yacht Wider 150′, an evolution in the maxi yacht category, combines an excellent performance in terms of the versatility of the various areas, speed and low consumption with a timeless, highly elegant design, created by Fulvio De Simoni and characterised by extremely clean lines and taut, smooth surfaces. The aesthetic balance of the lines mirrors the overall balance of the project which expresses the harmony between ship and sea, regards both the comfort of life on board, and the environmental impact of the Wider 150′ yacht.


The volumes of the stern area are unique for a vessel of this size and contribute significantly to making life on board in direct contact with the sea even more pleasant, fully respecting the Wider spirit. This is also thanks to the beautiful indoor pool and large beach area. Besides the cockpit, all the other details of the superyacht Wider 150′ have been studied to emphasize contact with the great outdoors, starting with the large glazed surfaces, which open out onto each deck letting copious amounts of light into the interiors. The latter, which continue the simple linear style of the exteriors, stand out for the carefully studied choice of just a few dominant colours and the alternation of polished and opaque surfaces.

The upper deck features a lounge and a lunch area adjacent to the portal which, designed to disappear completely, enables those aboard to enjoy dinner outdoors, too.

The main deck features a stern area consisting of a well-equipped external cockpit and a large internal salon split into two living areas. Forward, on the other hand, there is the master cabin, which stretches out over the entire width of the ship, bringing considerable light into this area and an unparalleled panoramic view. The master suite is also split into two separate parts by a sliding wall. Besides the head, there is a lounge where the broadside opens outwards to create a delightful private terrace overlooking the sea.

The captain’s cabin is located aft of the pilot house, so he has complete control of the ship at all times, whilst the forward section of the lower deck is reserved for the crew accommodation and the various services. Four large cabins with en-suite heads have been created for guests, who, thanks to an external link between decks, can access all the outside areas without having to go through the closed, air-conditioned ones.


Wider 33’ yacht is housed astern. Due to the project and specific dimensions, she is an extension of the main unit rather than simply a tender and has been specially designed to guarantee owners enjoy total comfort even on excursions without the mother ship. A floating launching system means the enter/exit manoeuvres for the floating tender can be carried out. The space left when the tender is launched is ‘magically’ transformed into a seawater swimming-pool surrounded by an out and out Wider beach as two side wings open and the platform overturns.

The design of the bow, on the other hand, provides housing for the water toys. This area of the maxi yacht Wider 150′ is also characterised by extraordinary versatility: the section of the deck above the tender can be raised to the level of the side decks on request, becoming a touch’n’go helipad.


The heart of the Wider 150’ superyacht is the propulsion. Indeed, this vessel embodies the energy saving concept, focusing on the use of a Siemens diesel/electric propulsion system, which guarantees hugely reduced consumption and unthinkable range.

This system is entirely modular, with only the electric engines being powered by the batteries. In fact, the Wider 150′ yacht can reach a range of around 8 hours, with all the on board users in operation, and cover a distance of 50 miles. If the diesel groups are inserted, on the other hand, and the electric engines are powered in this way, a further three different speeds and relative ranges can be used.

Moreover, by combining the diesel groups with the electric engines and with the addition of the diesel boosters, Wider 150’ yacht will reach an excellent top speed of 20 knots. Furthermore, the choice of the composite construction makes the structure lightweight, contributing to further lowering consumption, whilst the semi-planning hull offers undoubted added value in terms of high speed, as well as significant range.

Wider, never enough!

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