News: Wider Yachts starts production of Wider 150′ superyacht

December 17, 2012 by black
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“Our challenge began with Wider 42’, a day cruiser with a highly innovative character that inaugurated the Wider cockpit category,” declared Tilli Antonelli, President and CEO of Wider, “and now involves production of Wider 150’, whose excellent performance in terms of design and the versatility of the on-board space represent a revolutionary project. Most important, however, is the diesel/electric propulsion system, which guarantees both speed and much lower consumption.”

Transition from the initial design to the executive planning phase involved some significant project changes, starting with the choice to build the entire construction in aluminium, rather than the composite material which had originally been chosen. This was decided in order to significantly shorten production times and ensure greater design versatility. A further two terraces have been added to that of the master cabin, making the upper deck airier and more spacious. The other substantial change to the Wider 150′ yacht project is the increase in the width of the hull, now more spacious, offering greater on-board comfort.

Wider 150’ superyacht features a timeless and extremely elegant design by Fulvio De Simoni, with clean lines and trim, polished surfaces. The aesthetic balance of the lines mirrors the overall balance of the project, conveying harmony between ship and sea, both for the comfort of life on-board and environmental impact.

The size of the stern area is extraordinary for a ship of this size and contributes substantially to making life in direct contact with the sea even more pleasant, fully respecting the Wider spirit. This is also thanks to the beautiful indoor swimming-pool and large “beach”. Besides the stern, all the other details of the ship have been studied to emphasise direct contact with the great outdoors, beginning with the large glazed surfaces that open out onto each deck, bringing huge amounts of light indoors. The interiors mirror the simple lines of the exteriors, with the carefully studied choice of a few dominant colours and alternation of polished and opaque surfaces.

The upper deck of luxury yacht Wider 150′ provides a salon and a lunch area adjacent to the portal which, designed to disappear completely and uncover two terraces, means those aboard can dine outdoors, too.

The main deck features a stern area consisting of a well-equipped external cockpit and large interior salon split into two living areas. Forward, on the other hand, there is the master suite which stretches out over the entire width of the Wider 150′ yacht – that increased from 7.80m to 8.20m compared with the design stage – bringing huge amounts of light into this area and offering an unparalleled panoramic view. Moreover, the master cabin is split into two separate areas by a sliding wall. Indeed, besides the cabin itself, there is a salon/office where the broadside opens outwards to create a beautiful private terrace overlooking the sea.

The captain’s cabin is located aft of the steering station, enabling him or her to have complete control of the ship at all times, whilst the forward area of the lower deck is destined for the crew quarters and various services. There are four spacious cabins with en-suite heads for guests, who, thanks to an external connection between decks, can access all the external areas without having to go through closed, air-conditioned zones.

The Wider 32’ is housed astern and thanks to the Wider 150′ yacht project and its specific size is, to all effects and purposes, an extension of the main unit and not simply a tender. Wider 150′ has been specially designed to guarantee owners enjoy maximum comfort even during excursions without the mother ship, and the yacht features a floating launching system for carrying out entry/exit manoeuvres with the floating tender. The space that is freed up after launching the tender ‘magically’ transforms into a seawater swimming-pool surrounded by a real Wider beach, thanks to the opening of two side wings and the overturning of the platform.

The design of the bow, on the other hand, provides housing for the water toys. This part of the maxi yacht is also characterised for its extreme versatility: the part of the deck above the tenders rises up to the level of the deck to become a touch ‘n’ go helipad on request.

The driving force of the project for Wider 150’ yacht is its propulsion. The yacht epitomises the concept of energy saving, focussing on the use of a diesel/electric propulsion system produced in exclusive association with Siemens, who chose the Wider brand as its partner in the maxi yacht market, bringing in its know-how in the field of merchant ships. This system is entirely modular: with just the electric engines fed by the batteries.

Indeed, it is possible to achieve a range of around 8 hours with all the on-board services in use, and a 50 mile voyage. Inserting the diesel groups on the other hand, and feeding the electric engines in this way, the yacht offers a further three different speeds and relative ranges.

Moreover, by combining the diesel groups with the electric engines and with the addition of the diesel boosters, superyacht Wider 150’ can reach an excellent top speed of around 20 knots. Lastly, the semi-planing hull offers undoubted added value in terms of high speeds as well as an excellent range.

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