News: World premiere of Riva 122′ Mythos super yacht SOL

June 24, 2014 by lucy
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In the design of the new Riva flagship, maximum attention was given to environmental impact reduction: several construction solutions have been adopted for which RINA has issued the voluntary “Green Plus” Class Notation. Launched in October 2008, this new Class Notation takes into account several environmental impact issues, including Co2 emissions, for both commercial and pleasure vessels.

The “Green Plus” Class Notation is granted to all vessels for which significant investments have been made in new design solutions, on board outfits and equipment, and in the adoption of procedures, which, in addition to meeting minimum international standards, contribute to improving a vessel’s environmental protection performance.

Based on a scoring system rather than on compliance with mandatory requirements, the Green Plus Notification approach offers designers sufficient flexibility in deciding the most appropriate solutions to achieve maximum emission reduction.

The “Green Plus Yacht” certification actually assesses 12 different pollution sources – 6 for airborne and 6 for waterborne pollution – and identifies any technical, design or equipment solutions likely to prevent them. Each of these solutions is then scored and summed up in order to determine the vessel’s overall environmental impact, on which a different Green Plus Class will be assigned. This system is also encouraging research and the use of new ‘green’ technology: in order to obtain the certification, innovative solutions, in addition to those already listed in the classification rules, are assessed and scored by RINA’s experts.

On Riva 122’ Mythos yacht, in particular, the following construction solutions have been adopted: energy saving LED lighting; particular focus on waste handling procedure through solid waste source-sourcing and discharge of sewage (black and gray water), in compliance with an environmental protection plan; high-tech engines with low particulate matter and NOx emissions.

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