Flavio Massari

Profile: www.fotoregata.it

August 18, 2009 by Flavio Massari
Industry: Photographer
Year Established: 2000
Services/Goods Offered: photography
Languages: English
Operating Locations: Italy

A sailorman that has married his passion for the sea and the water sports with the passion for photography; When he is not racing as helmman, or tailer, or tactician, he is photographing the boats for the sailing teams, the clubs, the press or the builders of the boats. Available for hiring for comunication purposes that cover your visual needs. Please, visit http://www.fotoregata.it

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  1. Club Med 2
    Flavio Massari

    Image: Club Med 2

    November 12, 2009 by Flavio Massari

    Photo © Flavio Massari/www.fotoregata.it