Product: X 55mm Ratchet Sailboat Block

July 3, 2018 by mastervoyage
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Now, our latest new X 55mm ratchet block is launched for completing Master ratchet block line. The ergonomic switch can instantly switch ratchet mechanism to on and off as required.

The new X series ratchet blocks have the highest working load and breaking load available; simply give the greatest strength and durability to sailors. The sophisticated 8 faces NC Anodized Aluminum sheave gives the block excellent holding power.

Swivel shackle can be easily locked in 90 degree or either position with our patented lock head system.

X 55mm Ratchet Block information

Sideplates: Nylon composites
Ball Bearing: Highly compression Derlin
Sheave: Hard Anodized Aluminum sheave
Shackle and head: 316 grade stainless steel
Rope diameter: 10mm
Maximum working load: 450kgs
Breaking load: 1349kgs

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