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Profile: Trinity Yachts Corporation

November 12, 2008 by Philip Mein
Trinity Yachts Corporation
Year Established: 1995
Services/Goods Offered: build yachts, design yachts
Languages: English
Operating Locations: Gulf Islands

Trinity Yachts Corporation is one of the world’s elite yacht builders, specialising in custom made super yachts. Producing mainly European quality steel and aluminium constructions. Their ambition is to build a thoroughly custom made motor yacht that satisfies all of which the customer desires.

Having worked with many of the world’s most successful naval architects and motor yacht interior designers, they are prompt to quote on any yacht design made for the customer independently. They can build any yacht design up to a size of 400 feet (123 meters).

Alternatively their in-house naval architects and engineers are ready to customise any of their Victory Lane Series and Global Explorer Series of motor yachts to meet your needs.

Their web site offers a demonstration of their finest super yacht works. These include yachts under construction, conceptual yacht designs, delivered yachts and other useful information related to yachts, super yachts and the yachting world.

For those seeking employment in the yacht building industry this is one of the sites to visit. Trinity Yachts offers a wide range of employment opportunities and the applicants can contact the yacht building company directly.

Street Address:
Trinity Yachts, LLC
13085 Seaway Road
Gulfport, MS. 39503 USA

Phone – (228) 276-1000
Fax – (228) 276-1001
Email –

or visit their web site:

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