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July 22, 2012 by derinblu
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A blue cruise holiday can be enjoyed in many different ways. You can embark on a private yacht charter, or go on a blue cruise gulet holiday. Or simply bring only yourself or a few friends and family and rent a gulet cabin charter; go just go on a Mini Blue Cruise that only lasts for a 4 days and 3 nights from the popular seaside cities of Marmaris or Fethiye. Whatever your choice is, you can be certain that each will be just as enjoyable as the other. There is nothing more rejuvenating, relaxing, exciting and adventurous as a sailing charter within the waters of the Turkish Mediterranean and the Greek Aegean!

When you decide to rent a blue cruise cabin charter, you have a variety of options and itineraries to choose from. At DerinBlu we offer gulet cabin charters in Turkey as well as the Greek Islands. Embark on a lovely cruise aboard a comfort class gulet. Visit a superb variety of fascinating and breathtaking anchorage points. Choose from itineraries that begin in historical Bodrum in the Aegean, bustling seaside city of Marmaris – where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet. As well as the exciting city of Antalya in the Eastern Mediterranean. You can pick and choose a cruise that suits your budget. We offer Mini Blue Cruises that run for 4 days and 3 nights, embarking from either Fethiye or Marmaris. There are also two types of cabin charter cruises; namely Standard, where gulets do not provide air conditioning; and Deluxe cabin charters that also travel to the Greek Islands in the Cyclades to Mykonos. Just bring your self and summer wear and leave the rest of the taking care of to the fantastic crews on board. Luxuriate in the pleasures of Turkey and Greece!

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