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September 23, 2011 by NJyachtcharters
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On a recent cruise on board the 164’ charter yacht Silolona ( http://www.njcharters.com/charters/motoryachts.php?mode=info&id=535&cat=7&bed ... ), here at Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters ( http://www.njcharters.com ), we were treated to a constant array of outstanding meals, one right after the other. The on board cuisine is international with a great Asian flair and varies from sticky black rice with coconut milk to homemade fresh flaky croissants to crispy pan fried duck breast and scallops. Beautiful fresh fish, fruits and vegetables are readily available, with sushi being an on board favorite, and fresh fruit drinks, and homemade jams in constant supply. A charter cruise on Silolona is an outstanding experience, which is further highlighted with excellent on board cuisine.

Yudha Wibawa, the culinary trained Chef on board Silolona hails from Bali, Indonesia, and brings on board a wide repertoire of culinary training including being training as a pastry chef. Every morning, beautiful homemade hot flaky croissants and “Pain au chocolat” are presented piping hot right from the oven along with a variety of fresh fruits, and then breakfast begins with a range of offerings from Indonesian fried noodles and vegetables topped with a fried egg, which was our favorite, to a full American or English breakfast, your choice.

Every time we stepped foot off of the yacht for tender explorations, swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, or visiting local villages, on our return we were met with tall glasses of fresh chilled homemade fruit juices, such as watermelon or strawberry alongside cold refreshing lemon grass scented wash cloths.

Lunch and dinner on board are organized in accordance with your preferences as requested before the charter and range from western food to outstanding Indonesian food, spiced as you like. If the crew does not catch a fresh fish, such as yellow finned tuna, extremely fresh fish is available from the closest fisherman or village market as Indonesia is a country of fishermen. A variety of chili peppers and other fruits vegetables, herbs and spices are also available at the local market.

Charter Silolona in Indonesia, Myanmar or Andaman and enjoy not only an outstanding charter experience in these unique cruising areas, but also the excellent on board cuisine which is constantly emerging from Yudha’s galley and beautifully served by Stewards Riks and Kadek.

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