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News: Yacht ECLIPSE to NORWAY for Sea Trails before Delivery to Roman Abramovich

April 17, 2010 by Yacht Designer
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The 162.5 meter motor yacht ECLIPSE is to have sea trials in Norway Kristiansand around the 17th or 18th of May according to Norwegian newspaper FVN.no. Once the sea trials are successful the massive mega yacht will be handed over to her new owner, the owner of a fleet of superyachts, Mr. Roman Abramovich.

From the FVN.no paper:

The largest superyacht Eclipse is the most recent treat in yacht collection to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich many. Last week, Abramovich himself out on his own 115-meter-long yacht M / Y Luna outside Kristiansand.

Now, it’s already set for even a visit from Chelsea owner’s fleet, this time the world’s largest of its kind.

The price tag? It was estimated to be 2.4 billion. Or written in another way: just over 3 percent of the man’s presumed fortune. According to Wired.com, the final cost has risen to well over double that, around 6 billion.

The ship is the world’s largest privately owned yacht, and is built by the shipyard Blohm + Voss in Hamburg. The given length varies between 162.5 and 170, regardless of the notch bigger than the M / Y Dubai, which until now has been the world’s largest. The length was certainly no coincidence when ordering.

Yacht is in the same magnitude as the Super Speed (211 meters), but while the long ferry takes 2000 passengers, Eclipse is designed for approximately 30 guests. The crew consists of all 75 persons, ie, a Norwegian medium-sized business.

The plan must be that M / Y Eclipse will remain a week in the city by KMV quay. Port calls of this type are always coated with a high degree of discretion.

- We get the final confirmation next week, said the ship’s agent Torstein Hansen Scandinavian Shipping, in a brief comment. Beyond that he does not wish to comment on the call.

The objective of Norway visit is not enough to shed the splendor of this national celebration, rather it is some final necessary sea trials that are needed before the ship can be type approved, which will take place off the southern coast.

Operations Director at Kristiansand Harbour, Thomas Gran Feldt, the by telephone from Bangkok rather not say anything about the grand visit.

- I have no comments, “said Gran Feldt.

Rocket Secure
The giant super-yacht, which will now carry out sea trials in the waters outside Kristiansand, has two helicopter deck, private spa center with 16-meter swimming pool, outdoor fireplace, and otherwise all imaginable and unimaginable amenities.

In addition, the M / Y Eclipse a mini-submarine on board with space for three people.

The most spectacular of this ship, next to that is the world’s longest of its kind, is enough anti-missile system on board. The ship’s hull and windows must also be able to withstand a rocket attack.

So there remains therefore to see when the football mad Roman Abramovich is building a boat with a football stadium on board.


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