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Profile: YachtOps: Yacht Operations Support and Project Management

April 6, 2009 by Ross Tailor
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Year Established: 2009
Services/Goods Offered: crew training
Languages: English
Operating Locations: MEDITERRANEAN

Yacht Auditing International has now launched a new service for the superyacht industry – Yacht Operations Support and Project Management – which is called YachtOps.

You can visit the website and gather further information about Yacht Operations Support and Project Management and the company here:

The new Yacht Operations Support and Project Management service materialized following the need for training Captains and Officers in yacht operations – as opposed to merely navigation or engineering. The idea is “all the things they aren’t taught in STCW classes.”

YachtOps gives owners and crew the ‘management toolkit’ to do it themselves. With most yachts often self managed, the key service offered by Yachtops is project management training and the potential to reduce costs.

Captains can also select further subjects they want additional training in. These areas will be tailored a packaged to suit. On board training can be requested by Engineers requiring further guidance and encouragement in planned maintenance systems.

YachtOps can also provide refit relief crew assisting leave requirements.

Yacht Operations Support – Complete Management Toolkits

Captain’s Support:

Learn what they didn’t teach you in navigation school. Take the stress out of budgeting. Learn how to justify expenses in advance. Discover how to interview crew for longevity. Set your standards high. We’ll help you reinforce your command. Engineering Support

Know your boat! Take the mystery out of planned maintenance systems. Make your inventories make sense. Go on leave confidently knowing operations will continue seamlessly. Stand out from the rest with support from Yachtops Project Support

Take on refits like a pro! Find out how to deliver ‘on time and under budget’ time after time. Surprise yard ‘Project Managers’ with your planning and organization. Share your knowledge throughout the crew and build supportive staff.

A Recent Example…

Having recently taken over the captaincy of a 170′ motor yacht, the captain called upon YachtOps for some guidance with yacht management operations. Following a brief management review on board, one of our team addressed the captain’s specific needs.
Primarily, the captain needed to clarify his procedures and educate each department head. Additionally, he planned the yacht’s next yard visit and began seeking quotes 2 months out. Thus the yacht’s first week in the shipyard was productive instead of still quoting.

About Yacht Operations Support

Operations Training – We Teach You To Manage Yourself
Yacht Operations Support is not a traditional yacht management company operating thousands of miles away. YachtOps provides onboard training and support that Captains and Officers missed out on during navigation and safety training.

We’ll Fix It:
Tired of being over budget and late on projects? It doesnt’ have to be that way. We provide support and training relevant to luxury yacht operations affording you control where you need it most.

Feedback for Professionals:
Where do captains get feedback? Who pats them on the back and tells them they are doing a great job? Worse, who tells them they are not doing a good job? Do you know your weaknesses? Get professional feedback and turn your career around.

Another Example…

Following a three day training session on board earlier in the season, the yacht Captain and officers made good use of their time in preparation for an upcoming yard period. One of the YachtOps project management Captains came aboard and managed the 4 week project whilst the Captain took leave.
With the combination of prior planning and active management, the budget was met, the work list did not grow and finished two days early.

Captain’s Support & Training

Repairing Management – Before It’s Replaced
You can repair pumps and motors but when management breaks down the yacht is broken. That prevention is our skill. We provide management toolkits tailored to luxury yacht operations in Captaincy, Engineering and Project Management; everything to provide optimum satisfaction, skilled management, efficient operation and economy.

Onboard Support & Training
Whether you need a tune up or a complete service, we’ll come on board, quickly identify your situation and deliver comprehensive templates and demonstrations to have you running far more efficiently in no time. Going on leave? No problem. We’ll provide a replacement who can manage operations in your absence.

FAST efficient simple!
Typically in two or three days on board with you we’ll outline management tools specific to your requirements without classrooms or books! Get helpful results without lectures.

Personal one on one training!
No matter how unique you may consider your problem we’ve been there and we have the solution. We listen, then we show solutions and more efficient operating practices that will avoid recurring problems. Everyone benefits from owners and charter guests to crew and suppliers!

Engineers Support & Training

Documentation Control Under Control?
Do you need guidance on establishing planned maintenance systems, inventories or work lists? Is the Captain asking for too much or too little?

Sharing Your Procedures
Are you chained to the yacht? Are you the only one able to resolve basic engineering issues on board? We’ll help with basic templates to share the knowledge so you don’t get that phone call at 2am in the morning – unless you should.

Hands On Training – Where You Need It Most
No classrooms and no books. We are on board beside you sharing management techiques to help you do a better job. It’s cutting the BS and streamlining operations.

Project Management Support & Training

On Time & Under Budget – You’re Dreaming!
It’s not possible you may say. We’ll show you how. There’s no magic, but it will require forward planning and your willingness to make it happen.

Ahead Of Time
Is your contractor or shipyard giving you ‘one liner’ quotes? Learn how to get more specifics from them to make your life easier.

“I’ll Be There On Tuesday”
Which Tuesday? How often do contractors leave you wondering when they’ll actually show up? We’ll show you some techniques to help get them working when you want.

Two or three days on board is all it takes. We’ll work one on one with you showing you what works.


2701 Farmview Drive
Fallston, MD 21047
PHONE: +1 410 652 2475

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