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May 18, 2009 by yachttranslines
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YOUR ‘DOOR to DOOR’ Yacht Transport Company!

Yacht Trans Lines has its main operation in Dubai, U.A.E and has recently opened a branch office in Newport, Rhode Island. In addition to the above we also have worldwide partners and offices/agents that we constantly work with.

Our expertise is in the field of Yachting and Yacht shipping, and we have used this expertise and contacts to expand our scope of services to project cargo handling, logistics, chartering and freight forwarding. We assure our clients and partners of the highest degree of comprehensive, on time and flexible ocean, air and land transportation, when it comes to Yachts and related Marine Equipment, as well as break bulk and project cargo services all over the world.

We work hand in hand with more than 100 shipping lines from Container Movements, flat racks, Heavy Lift ships and RoRo carriers and can offer worldwide shipping, break bulk and project cargo solutions, not only limited to Dubai, but to and from most worldwide locations with regular Atlantic, Indian and Pacific ocean routings and a minimum of 2 sailings per month from Europe to the Persian Gulf and back.

We have an extensive stock of yacht cradles in our Warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone and various other ports worldwide and are able to rent yacht shipping cradles for boats and yachts, and occasional specialized equipment such as spreader bars, lifting belts and lashing equipment, all duly certified.
In some cases we can also manufacture specially made cradles to fit specific boats and supercargo yachts.
We have shipped all sizes of boats from as little as 5,5 meter length up to Yachts in excess of 145 feet with a weight over 225 tons.

We are looking forward to your transport enquiries and please check out our website and for further question, please contact us and one of our team will respond to you in due course:

Web: http://www.yachttranslines.com
Mail: info@yachttranslines.com

Captain Mike Husemann, Managing Director

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