News: Yachtsons introduces Discount Cards for Vessels

June 20, 2016 by Yachtsons
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Yachtsons offers a Mega Discount on all of its services which includes a record low rate for bunkering, provisioning, communication, charter services, and on other services. According to Yachtsons Marketing Team, the offer stands between May to September of 2016, however if the trend continues to hike, it may then consider to extend the promotion till the end of this year. The subjects of the promotions will also be entitled to for a free stay in one of their partner Hotels at prominent locations of the island nation including Hulhumale, the largest man-made island in the country.

The visiting Yachts may get up to 25% on its services depending on the rate of service consumption and the duration of the stay. Yachtsons considers crossing the ceiling for the promotion which is initially at 25%, if the Yacht prefers to stay in Maldives for not less than a month. These Yachts may have the chance to win up to 35-40% discount depending on the duration of their stay. Yachtsons says the move is a part of their marketing campaign for the year 2016 targeted to Europe and Asia Pacific. Despite the focus markets, it does not exclude any of the visiting vessel under Yachtsons’s flagship as Yachtsons is always on open arms to visiting Yachts.

The promotion is a great deal for both regulars and newcomers as Yachtsons is keen on throwing a Customer Appreciation Event on each visiting Yacht with refreshments party arrangements with compliments from its in-house subsidiary, Décor Scheme which is one of the finest event planners in town. It’s all about the customers and their happiness. Yachtsons happen to make it possible to in the paradise.

Yachtsons is yet to make it broader by introducing lifetime discount cards. Promotional period or not, the cards will give the Yachts, Yachtsons’s exclusive services with discounts regardless to any number of visits to Maldives. To any of the regulars, which enters Maldivian water under Yachtsons Flagship, a Lifetime Discount Card will be delivered within 24 Hours of their call to Maldives. As to win one of these cards, a minimal of 2 port calls to Maldives under Yachtsons Flagship is a must, say the Marketing Team of Yachtsons.

For more information, visit or contact Yachtsons at their Hotline +960-7767787

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