News: 78m superyacht Sapphire – a luxury vessel designed for Feadship

June 28, 2012 by black
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The most distinctive feature of the luxury yacht Sapphire is the enormousdiagrid glass structure. The large triangular glass facets resemble those of a gemstone. The triangles are made of SageGlass, which is implemented with technology that enables every single triangle to change in opacity. By means of an application on a tablet, one simply swipes the areas he wants to change the opacity of. This way, the user can determine where he wants shade. Since the glass structure is so prominently present, there is a clear coherence between the interior and exterior.

Due to the glass structure, the interior of the 78m megayacht Sapphire enjoys a lot of sunlight, which suggests openness and space inside the yacht. On top of this, the vessel brings guests closer to nature, because of the panoramic view, while the expanding leisure deck connects the ocean with the interior. This deck can be closed at the dock, providing some privacy, while at open sea, it can unfold, revealing the secret pool.

Unlike most contemporary vessels with their horizontal layout, Sapphire superyacht focuses on the vertical integration of decks, which adds to the openness and stimulates the interaction between the people on the yacht. Additionally, guests and owners do not have to worry about maintenance or other responsibilities of the crew, since this is separated by the layout of the yacht.

The overall shape of the Sapphire yacht contributes to the centralclimate control. When it comes to the climate control, the main lounge and the dining room can be seen as one. The hot air willrise, following the line of the roof, to exit through an exhaust valve.

The entrance at the side of the superyacht Sapphire exists of two small docks for two tenders. From the outside, it looks like they just enter the yacht and disappear. Boarding the yacht is very elegant, since one enters directly into his living room. The dining room is the central space of the yacht. With its 8-metre ceiling, it is a breath-taking place for memorable dinners with family and close friends. In the centre of the room, there is an adjustable table for small as well as large company. When the table is lifted completely, it functions as a chandelier and the space transforms into a ballroom.The bedroom and private owner’s deck provide the owner witha spectacular overview of the whole yacht, which gives him a privileged feeling.

With the 78m megayacht Sapphire the owner should be able to distinguish himself from other yacht owners, into a yet undiscovered realm of luxury. The yacht’s features, aesthetics and user experience form one harmonious unity that contributes to the general idea of togetherness. In the end, it is all about creating memories instead of merely owning a tangible product.

I found more photos of this super innovative yacht here:

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