News: Amels 180 super yacht ENGELBERG wins Asia Boating Award 2014

June 2, 2014 by black
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With an exterior design by Tim Heywood, the AMELS Limited Editions superyacht ENGELBERG has a striking color scheme, plus the Owners selected a completely original interior by the famous Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea. His design brings superyachts back to their origin: a love of the ocean, always connected to the outside. Enzo’s color scheme is carefully matched to shades of the sea, trees and natural landscapes outside: greens, blues and light greys. The lower deck is a magical homage to the world below the surface of the sea.

AMELS put an incredible amount of customization into luxury yacht ENGELBERG, including a wide-body sky lounge, and extra folding balconies and sliding doors to open the interior to the sea. The opening balcony in the Owners’ cabin is huge, with carbon fiber stanchions, and glass that can be switched between dark privacy glass or vision glass. An extended sundeck provides an additional 32m2 of deck space – probably the largest sundeck you’ll find on any 55m yacht.

Building ENGELBERG yacht was a wonderful experience and a great team effort. Everyone at the AMELS yard is very proud of this exceptional, award-winning AMELS 180.

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