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Name: Maya Layton

Web Page: http://LaytonMaya

Bio: Im friendly, polite and well spoken.
I am ambitious, in the 13 years that i have in the hospitality industry, i have worked my way up from the very bottom of the service industry to 5 star luxury hotels in a variety of different positions continuously adding and developing my skills in this industry. I believe that i have come to the stage in my life where im ready for bigger and better things and that is the reason i want to get into the Super Yacht industry.I have traveled and worked in some of the top tourist destinations in the world (eg. New York City, California, Sydney Australia and some of the top Greek island destinations, Saintorini, Mykonos and Crete) and have allot of experience serving high profile clients and V.I.Ps including Royalty, Celebrities, Government officials, Business men and women. I believe this gives me an advantage as i have a very good understanding on different cultures, religious beliefs and dietary preferences, also i know how to behave and treat your guests with the service that they deserve.Why you should hire me?
For the skills i have to offer that will enrich your experience and your guests experience on your yacht.
• I can provide high class service, silver and white glove service. Flower arrangement.
• I can organise and set up for special events.
• I have been trained in sweedish massage, face massage and aroma therapy.
• I have 2 years experience working in water sports and can teach water ski and wakeboard. I also have a Padi ceritified (open water) scuba diving degree.
• Able to prepare and cook a wide variety of dishes from Mediterranean, Hungarian, Continental European, North American and Mexican simple home recipes, children friendly meals and light lunches or snacks.I have experience with being a nanny, babysitting and most children i meet end up adoring me.
• I am a hard worker and i am no stranger to long working hours, problem solving and stressful enviroments.
• I have strong leadership qualities but i also work well in groups and am a team player.

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    April 24, 2014 by Layton Maya

    I am an ambicious people pleaser, service of the highest excelence and personal improvement is something that i always strive to achieve. My expertice is providing high class service and …