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  1. June 28, 2009 about PARI off the rocks!

    PARI (39.8m Malta -flagged Motor Yacht) entered Villefranche graving-dock at 23h00 Saturday after being towed round Cap Ferrat.Her sunken stern would not clear the sill of this antique dock( a classified monument) so the main dock pump had to be harnessed to empty the water quicker than it was coming through the bottom leaks. The stern parachutes had had to be removed to enter the narrow dock entrance and she is listing 8° to starboard. She will now remain there with pumps running until Monday when the dock gate can be fitted and the ship docked down.
    A remarkable salvage operation, but the weather has remained favorable since PARI dragged ashore in the early hours of Saturday May 30th. It remains to be seen whether the ship is worth rebuilding, but one remembers the MIDSUMMER which was successfully restored after dragging ashore in Villefranche Bay 10 years ago.
    Courtesy Cdr.Michael Healy.

  2. June 2, 2009 about Classic Motor Yacht

    ‘Christina O’ is a lovely yacht, it’s true, but the photo is ‘Atlantis II’ ?
    Any news on re-floating PARI?

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  1. PARI off the rocks!

    News: PARI off the rocks!

    June 27, 2009 by stgeorge

    I’m told the PARI was towed off the rocks by David Niven’s villa this evening with parachutes inflated and pumps going – direction Nice/Villefranche Bay.