News: Baltic 107 Yacht INUKSHUK awarded ‘Best Sailing Yacht’ at WSA 2014

May 8, 2014 by black
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The judges also voted unanimously to select luxury yacht Inukshuk as the winner of the prestigious ‘Sailing Yacht of the Year’ award with the following explanation:

Baltic 107 Inukshuk provides an optimal balance between excellent sailing performance and the high degree of comfort and customisation offered to its owner. Inukshuk’s elegant looks, which feature uncluttered deck spaces derived from the drawing board of German Frers, state-of-the-art sailing systems and the high standards of construction seen both in the structure of the vessel and its interior finish by Adam Lay Studio, were all factored into the decision.

Baltic 107 superyacht Inukshuk is a lightweight, high performance sloop with its prime purpose being fast, efficient and comfortable cruising. With a vacuum infused sandwich laminate construction and a total displacement of 78232kg (light craft), of which 31612kg is ballast, the Baltic 107 Inukshuk has an impressive power to weight ratio. The yacht is equipped with a telescopic keel and a carbon rig supported by carbon fibre rigging.

The interior styling is very modern and elegant with limed oak. Baltic 107 yacht Inukshuk’s interior has an owner-forward, crew-aft layout with a generous VIP cabin just forward of the mast.

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