News: Marlink Norway introduces Comtech Vipersat technology, for Sealink users, with enhansed features

April 9, 2010 by john
Marlink Norway introduces Comtech Vipersat technology, for Sealink users, with enhansed features

Marlink, the global provider of maritime satellite communications, has introduced the Comtech Vipersat Bandwidth & Capacity management platform to its industry leading Sealink(TM) VSAT solution. The integration of the Vipersat technology will provide customers of Marlink’s Sealink(TM) service with an extensive range of enhanced features, including efficient management of bandwidth allocation between vessels, global automatic roaming between C-band coverage spots and exceptional quality of service for both voice and data services.

“The integration of the Vipersat technology to our Sealink(TM) solution makes Marlink the only provider of maritime satellite communications to offer both Vipersat and Vados platforms. The introduction of Vipersat to our comprehensive portfolio, gives us the widest-ranging portfolio on the market, enabling us to offer high-quality solutions which can be customized to meet any specification or budget,” comments Tore Morten Olsen, CEO, Marlink.

The new Vipersat technology enables Sealink(TM) to allocate bandwidth on demand, significantly benefitting customers that operate multiple vessels within one bandwidth pool per satellite beam. Where some vessels within the bandwidth pool do not require full bandwidth capacity, Vipersat enables Sealink(TM) to reallocate the spare bandwidth capacity to other vessels in the pool. This provides the vessels with additional bandwidth and ensures efficient use of bandwidth between vessels.

Additionally, Vipersat provides Sealink(TM) customers with global automatic roaming. When a vessel cruises towards the outer limit of the coverage, Vipersat automatically prepares for switching to a new satellite beam. When the vessel reaches the position which is determined for satellite beam switch, Vipersat automatically switches to the next satellite. This eliminates the need for manual intervention from the crew onboard and causes no service interruption during switching.

Marlink’s cutting-edge Sealink(TM) VSAT solution is characterized by high user experience and separation of multiple voice and data circuits, thereby supporting multiple networks onboard. The service allows for vessel owner, charterer, administration, crew and passengers to share the same satellite link without interfering with each other’s assigned capacity.

Furthermore, Marlink’s integration of the Vipersat technology provides users with exceptional quality of service for both voice and data. The equipment has been specifically designed to offer the same service available on land at sea and enhances the quality of satellite communications by minimising interference and delay from end-to-end. In addition to the features inherent to the Vados-Vipersat platform, Sealink(TM) can also be customized to include additional features such as office integration via MPLS networks, Link Optimizers, Content Filter and GSM solutions.

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