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News: Mauro Sculli designed 109m mega yacht ESPRIT LARGE 109

March 19, 2013 by Alex Lever
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“In this particular historical period, where everything looks uncertain and unstable, I believe a man can stay well with his own space, in the best comfort that he can achieve, in some luxury but not so extreme: that’s why my favourite concept for mega or giga yacht goes in the direction of innovation, but putting a hard emphasis on functionality and safety, with frequent reminder of the nautical tradition.” Mauro Sculli

The above approach has also been followed in the more extreme projects where the Mauro Sculli was involved, like the ones developed in collaboration with Wally, where he was the design team leader of the three gas turbine WallyPower118 yachts, or the huge WHY58 for Wally-Hermes; where he was the design team manager. In all those projects the innovation and the functionality were never detached from the best nautical tradition: these three crucial qualities, with a well balanced design give the added value to a boat, be it a small dinghy or a giga yacht!

The Esprit Large 109 m superyacht is the son of this philosophy, as described by Sculli, and of the previous projects he has developed in cooperation with other companies or alone. The Esprit Large 109 concept and the General Arrangement have been created at the designer’s office, with crucial help from Ermanno Canzi for the 3D modelling, and a final revision with the staff of Fincantieri to match their high standards.

The vessel’s external look is evidently a good mix of a modern way to intend the sea life, with emphasis on the external spaces to enjoy the nature, the light and the sea, and the tradition of the lines of the hull and the superstructure, sinuous but resolute to give enough character to the yacht: not loud luxury but discreet and solid.

Same criteria for the interiors where, for example, the glamour swimming pool with its entrance bridge, remains very private inside the Lower Deck but can be opened to the stern and to the sea as desired: in this case this entrance can be considered the main one during the private life onboard, leaving the Main Deck with its entrance for the official events.

Even if the Lower Deck is mainly dedicated to the wellness, with the giant pool, two SPAs, massage rooms and gym, this deck has been ennobled to be showed and used in any occasions. With this concept in mind the passage to the guest decks above has been created through a suspended and transparent corridor that gives a clear look at the double height engine room, reminding the people onboard that they are on a solid ship, and creating the unequivocal connection between the technology and the luxury that we always have on a yacht of this type.

All the longitudinal and vertical connections between decks are by independent passages. In the middle of the new mega yacht Esprit Large 109, two central staircases, one for guests with a round lift to comfortably reach any level, and one totally dedicated and private for the crew, are the core hub of the Esprit Large.

Once on the Main Deck, either through the internal staircase and lift or by the wide external ladders from the AFT terrace on the sea, the guests may move freely and decide to spend time in the Library, Cinema, VIP Lounge, Conference room, or to relax in the two common areas, internal and external, where they find sofas, sun chairs, piano for music and card tables, as well as a bar to enjoy drinks, cocktails and breakfast. All these areas, of the Esprit Large yacht, more than 900 sqm, have been drawn up to reserve private and quiet spaces for guests to enjoy, anytime of the day or night.

One more level upwards, the Upper Deck is completely dedicated to the guest suites. Four junior suites have been located backward in the AFT area, and three huge senior suites forward the lift. The biggest one has been designed to become the “Owner’s cabin” in case of yacht charter, to maintain privacy to the owner’s cabin located in the higher deck. The forward VIP suite is full-width and looking forward, with a private exit to the bridge, providing a 180° view through wide glazing. The forward external area in front of this cabin can be easily closed off to become private, or can be accessible to all the guests onboard. It has also been completed with a big recessed volume that can be dedicated either to a 6m tender (also useful as rescue boat manoeuvred by two cranes, one each side), or filled up with heated sea water and enjoyed as a swimming pool.

The aft external Upper Deck has been intended as a luxurious Beach Lounge with a wide Jacuzzi and sun beds.

One further level up, the aft section of the Bridge Deck features the external and the internal dining room, bar and drink area. The front portion of this deck is dedicated to the navigation with the steering area and two apartments, one for the Captain and the other for the First Official.

Each deck on the Mega Yacht Esprit Large 109 has enough space reserved for the crew as a service area, with all that is necessary to run their daily duties.

The entire Higher Deck is at the Owner’s disposal, boasting a studio with independent access and a private Jacuzzi on the open fore deck. The Owner’s state room has a 180° view through wide glazing. On the external aft side there is another sun and relaxation area.

Side access from quay and safe boarding, to and from tenders, is allowed by 2 pivoting side boarding ladders, one for each side, and through the giant aft “terrace on the sea” on the Lower Deck.

Fixed vertical rubber fenders protect the transom of the ship when the stern is used by the guests enjoying their time playing with the water toys and relaxing on the sun, as well as for the crew during operations of embarkment / disembarkment of the guests.


A helicopter pad will be arranged on the forward end of the Upper Deck, partially sliding and pop up, built and outfitted to allow permanent flight operations.

A wide garage located on the lower deck forward, can accommodate water toys, together with one 13+m power tender, one 10m tender taxi for guests and two 5.5m service tenders for the crew . Hauling and launching of the tenders and of the water toys is through 4 topside doors (2 each side) and by sliding cranes. The doors are hinged on its higher side to allow easier operations.

For safety, SOLAS type life rafts can be found on the Upper Deck aft and the Owner’s Deck. For emergency, in case of Unrestricted Navigation class, one 5.5m rescue boat could be installed on the forward Upper Deck and two 4.5m ones are aside on the Upper Deck, aft.

Crew mess and two Galleys, for the guests and the crew can be found on the Main Deck.

Recreational lounges are located on the Main Deck and on the Lower Deck. Laundry and Storage is located on the Lower Deck, served by a dedicated service elevator connecting to the Owner’s Deck. Each deck is fitted with pantries to assist the crew and add comfort to guests.

On the Lower Deck, starboard side in correspondence with the Storage Room, a folding door on the topside gives easy access to the crew for handling food and staff. Thanks to a comfortable platform and a ladder the crew has access to the service tender or to the dock in case of wharf-age side mooring.

On the opposite side (portside), a similar platform and a ladder opens to the GYM ROOM, creating an open terrace, for guests to enjoy some activity and sports outdoors with fresh air and sun light.


The proposed Propulsion plant is a diesel – electric system, consisting of a couple of electric rotating pods driven by 4 Gen Sets.

A second more traditional option consists of two diesel engines, each coupled to a controllable pitch propeller through a reduction gear and shaft lines, completed with high lift rudders.

Both of the propulsion systems together with the bow thrusters will guarantee the highest comfort and easy manoeuvrability underway and in port.

Roll reduction will be achieved by four stabiliser fins for underway and zero speed.


The yacht has been planned to be equipped with state of the art features for environmental safety, to reach the maximum rating under RINA Green Plus Notation.

The Esprit Large has been conceived as a displacement yacht, with the following main characteristics

Length Overall 109.500 m

Beam max 18.400 m

Half Load Drught 4.000 m

Half Load Displacement 3.200 tons

Max speed 16.5 knots (subject to the selected propulsion power)

Steel hull and superstructure

Other main data:

Propulsion A 2 x 2500 kW electric powered pods

Propulsion B 2×2700 kW (Shaft Line, CPPropellers, Highlift Rudders)

Nautical Range at 15 Kts 7,000 nm

Electrical Generators (Prop. A) 4 x 1,500 kW

Emergency Generator 1 x 160 kW

Stabilisers 4, non retractable, zero speed

The vessel shall be built in accordance with Passenger Yacht Code 13-36 for Prescribed International Voyage, and with the rules and regulations of Registro Italiano Navale with the following class notation: Passenger Ship, AUT-UMS, Green Plus


Interior and exterior outfitting and furniture will be designed to best fit the Owner’s requirements. In general the interior layout and style has been developed to be light and soft, with natural timbers, natural fabric like linen and cotton.


The yacht will provide high luxury accommodations for up to 16 passengers, in the 8 suites.

There is also accommodation for 36 crew and staff, in compliance with the latest MLC rules.

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