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News: NEDSHIPGROUP unveils new Xhibitionis Event Yacht concept

November 19, 2014 by 10 Biggest Yachts In The World
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The project idea is, to bring in all such called “Nicki and Cocco Beach Club” VIP guests to an extraordinary other place like this 70m Super Yacht. There are many other event boats on the market, more or less to entertain tourists, but none of them are focused on the other end of the scale, to the HNWHI guests and sophisticated clients like Luxury brands or other successful companies.

The Xhibitionist Event Super Yacht offers a valuable and remarkable business tool either in addition to existing operators or as well as for a stand alone professional Business tool.

There are so many solutions and possibilities on this concept as the yacht is open to all activities. You can run a Michelin Star Restaurant, a Bar/Disco club, Fashion Shows, Product Placements, Casinos, Weddings, Private VIP Parties and many more. The flexibility is endless and you can go to your event and not the event has to come to you. For sure, this yacht would be completely rent out during every F1 GP, Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Yacht Show or whatever….

• Luxury restaurant between 220 up to 350 volume seats

• for bar/disco Events more than 600 guests

• Conference seating

• Many Lounge areas

• LOA 70 m and beam 19 m

• diesel electric hybrid system with MME turbine generators

• an autonomy use only on batteries for several hours

• fast charging battery banks

• safe operations based on a trimaran hull

The investment is low in comparison to a high standard luxury 70m Yacht. Also there could be discussed a yacht version out from this concept.

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