Yacht Businesses and Associations

  1. MONTE FINO Custom Yachts , yachts builder and designer

    Profile: MONTE FINO Custom Yachts , yachts builder and designer

    March 6, 2010 by lucy

    Monte Fino custom yacht will collaborate with you to enhance and focus your ideas into a yacht which reflects your vision. Following the first consultation an appointed yard technical engineer …

  2. SKIPPERLINER  -  Yacht builder
    Philip Mein

    Profile: SKIPPERLINER – Yacht builder

    March 4, 2010 by Philip Mein

    Established in 1971, SkipperLiner has manufactured about 1,000 boats since it’s birth. Today SkipperLiner produces houseboats and yachts in the 40′ – 120′ class as well as …

  3. OVATION YACHTS  -  Yacht builder
    Bill Noramin

    Profile: OVATION YACHTS – Yacht builder

    by Bill Noramin

    Ovation Yachts is the highest point of of consistent advancement in design, engineering, manufacturing, and the persistent pursuit of value. The level of performance and comfort that Ovation Yachts …

  4. QUEENSHIP - Yacht builder and sales
    David Seif

    Profile: QUEENSHIP – Yacht builder and sales

    by David Seif

    Queenship Yachts are well known for their excellent level of achievement in the design and construction of fine motor yachts All their vessels, from from exquisitely finished semi-custom cruisers and …

  5. NEW OCEAN YACHTS  - Yacht Builder

    Profile: NEW OCEAN YACHTS – Yacht Builder


    Located about 10 minutes from Taiwan’s 2nd largest international airport and 30 minutes from the port, Kaohsiung City. The yard has large offices with highly qualified staff in naval architecture …



    March 2, 2010 by

    One of the most respected Yacht Builders in North America, with an enviable reputation in the combination of design innovation, exquisite craftsmanship and excellence in the quality of construction, fit-out …




    Design and build catamarans for their two makes, Yapluka Yachts and Blubay Yachts. Their vision is to build made to measure dream which combines comfort and the pleasure of sailing. …

  8. ADMIRAL YACHTS - Master Yacht Builder

    Profile: ADMIRAL YACHTS – Master Yacht Builder

    March 1, 2010 by

    Admiral Yachts are South Africa’s Premier yacht building company. They are the home of the exclusive Admiral range of luxury catamarans for sale. Their global reputation was earned by the …

  9. Couach Yachts (CNC) Chantier Naval Couach

    Profile: Couach Yachts (CNC) Chantier Naval Couach

    February 25, 2010 by

    Couach Yachts specialises in exceptional made-to-measure superyachts built entirely in Glass Kevlar that range from 20 to 50 metres in length. Initially experts in constructing marine engines, Couach began …

  10. Rivadezza

    Profile: Rivadezza

    October 13, 2009 by rivadezza27

    Rivadezza is the latest venture of a Norwegian naval architect group which has been designing custom made boats since the 1970’s for various boat companies in Scandinavia and European. …