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April 7, 2009 by Yacht Designer
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Italian designers Nuvolari and Lenard have created a concept for the six deck interior and exterior living areas that is to a high level of comfort and luxury – the Palmer Johnson World superyacht.

The motor yacht also has the ability to moor in environmentally sensitive or restricted areas as she will have station-keeping capabilities using Dynamic Positioning. She will not require the traditional use of lines or anchors damaging the environment because the onboard propulsion system and thrusters can work together to control the position by centralized automatic responding to variations in sea conditions.

Palmer Johnson note that the Diesel Electric Propulsion system not only contributes towards the DNV ‘Clean Class’ status, but also allows for greater operational flexibility. The diesel electric propulsion is designed to reduce certain inefficiencies associated with diesel propulsion such as reducing vibration and noise levels, the loss of speed in head seas, improve the yacht’s maneuverability and control. All of this further contributes to the superyacht’s ‘Clean Class’ notification.

And From Yachts International:

Palmer Johnson recently delivered hull four in its 135 series but also released details of a very different project-the PJ World. This new design is a drastic departure from Palmer Johnson’s sporty aluminum line, which renewed and reinvigorated the Wisconsin brand a few years ago.

In the works for months now, this concept of a high-tech ocean voyager designed for yachtsmen seeking to go the distance onboard a vessel with limited environmental impact, joins an existing trend of expedition-style vessels but takes it yet farther. The 267’ PJ World, an Ice Class six-deck vessel, designed by Nuvolari & Lenard, is based on a Rolls Royce UT hull fitted with a Diesel-Electric Azipull Propulsion system. Rolls Royce launched the UT design in the mid-1970s as platforms for supply and multipurpose service vessels, coastal patrol vessels and ships used for drilling, storage and production.

The Azipull Propulsion system, developed in Norway (where PJ acquired the Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk’s shipyard,) started as an application for tankers and ferries, but generated a lot of interest in the yachting world.

Designed for greater fuel and energy efficiency, the hybrid system offers captains a variety of power options and the possibility to adjust the use of mains and auxiliaries according to speed requirements and weather conditions. Other benefits include better maneuverability and reduced vibrations and noise level, which help with the yacht’s “Clean Class” notification. Dynamic Positioning ensures the yacht can visit environmentally restricted or sensitive areas where it can moor without anchors or chains.

Accommodations include a tri-level panoramic master suite, with bedroom lounge and office quarters on the fourth and fifth decks and a sixth-deck private sundeck with Jacuzzi.

A true helideck with hanger and a garage large enough to house a submarine and state-of-the-art security devices ensure that owners can cruise the world’s ocean in safety and quickly return to shore from any remote destination.

The Italian design duo, who works with PJ on its sports line, has given the vessel a sprawling aft deck with a pool, which recalls somewhat that of Alfa Nero, which they created for Oceanco. Here, it gives ample clearance for a helicopter to land in all safety on an elevated platform.

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