News: SABDES designed 30m Explorer Yacht E30 by CMC Yachts

March 6, 2012 by lucy
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CMC Yachts build with the reknown Jet Tern marine assuring ISO 9001 quality and letting clients benefit from the world wide build up dealer network for any maintenance and warranty issues.

The CMC Yachts 30m superyacht E30 is based on a Sailboat hullform and is a serious world explorer vessel, second to none in its seakeeping abilities, easily handled by its owners alone, and having inherent attributes that make the yacht extremely efficient and safe without needing to be technically complicated. The vessel is self-righting and can be beached owing to its shallow draft and ability to rest on twin skegs.

Using a hybrid drive system the 30m luxury yacht E30 can zero-emission cruise in environmentally sensitive regions running on batteries alone. For long distance passages two small electronically furled sails help to further reduce fuel consumption of the main diesel engines.

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