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November 21, 2008 by john
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Services/Goods Offered: yacht supplies
Skills: Submersibles

SEAmagine is a leading maker of small 2 – 3 person acrylic submersibles. They are used for scientific, commercial and luxury yacht markets with depth ratings ranging from 500 feet (153m) to 3000 feet (914m) deep. SEAmagine submarines have accumulated over 7000 dives with excellent track record in safety and reliability. There have been 7 submersibles delivered in 6 countries to date.

SEAmagine’s business is an international endeavor and they operate manned submersibles around the world. This requires solid technical foundations and a full understanding of certification rules and expertise with national regulatory agencies.

“We have led six manned submersible deployments in five different countries,” says William Kohnen, president of SEAmagine Hydrospace Corp., in California. Expertise counts. Ten years of experience gives us the perspective required to understand life cycle management issues thoroughly that leverages our state-of-the-art technology, our products, training program and skills to provide practical service-oriented solutions.”

Training and support:
An important part of the product support and customer service for SEAmagine submersibles includes the full crew and submersible pilot training. All operations require a trained pilot in the submersible and a trained surface controller at all times who maintains communication with the underwater vessel and tracks its position. The yacht’s captain must be familiar with the launch and recovery process and they are part of the safety protocol established during training.

“Our approach focuses on people, processes, and technology. We understand people’s dreams of exploring the oceans and we share the passion,” concludes Charles Kohnen, vice-president of SEAmagine. “We utilize a variety of enabling technologies and best practices to help our clients become operational, maintain high levels of safety, and strengthen our relationships to deliver more innovative products and services.”

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