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News: Stefano Pastrovich’s Pastrovich Superyacht Custom Designs and Refits

May 4, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Stefano Pastrovich has been a name in the yacht circle associated with extremely attractive custom superyacht designs and major refit projects since many years. He is a young Genoese designer who has been focusing on the exterior styling and interior design of motor and sailing yachts for the last ten years.

In his initial days, Stefano started working with Martin Francis Design Studio on various yachts such as the 57m M/Y Senses and the 112m Le Grand Bleu after seeking approval from Claus Kusch and gradually became an expert in custom design and refit domain.

Stefano was given the designation of Chief Designer at the Wally style office in 2000 where he progressed by designing the whole of Wallypower Range. During the same time, he was involved in designing and building activities at the Intermarine yard which was meant for military vessels construction work. This led to an improvement in his rapport with the yard which later facilitated them to manufacture the extraordinary 118’ Wallypower.

However after that, Pastrovich chose to start his own individual office in 2005; yet till date he is associated with the designing work of Wally’s power range. In the following year, he styled the interior/exterior of the 42’ Sly fun, the interior of Shipman 63′ and 72′. His portfolio also includes the work of the PerAquum Company where he styled a 54m motor yacht with six suites and a spa. At the behest of a private owner, he also received orders for designing two top secret superyachts, an 85m and 60m superyacht in the year 2008.

Off lately, Pastrovich has been occupied with the refit design of two large research vessels for particular scientific operations – a 73m and an 83m Oceanographic research vessel. In fact, the Pastrovich Studio just recently unveiled a model design for the renovation of a 77.4m Ocean-Going Tug by using its vast experience and architectural knowledge. According to Pastrovich, it is extremely important to know the vessel before taking up the task of renovation. The last project of Ocean-Going Tug which has now become the focus of a major refit was styled and built by Schichau-Unterwesser in Bremerhaven in 1975.

Further, Stefano Pastrovich’s design strives to make the Ocean-Going Tug into a private yacht by completely analyzing the overall layout so that it could feature the living rooms, sitting rooms and dining areas closely connected. Pastrovich believes they have managed to create the best of Ocean-Going Tug which amazingly retains the core strength of this historical vessel.

The company strongly holds that custom is the biggest challenge where people have to work on the vessel from the scratch in an innovative manner every time and work harder to surpass their previous performances. And probably it was this enthusiasm for which they accepted the challenge of making the Ocean Going Tug a private yacht.

Pastrovich Studio

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